Brown Taekwondo takes home gold from East Coast tournament

While most Brown students spent their long weekend lying in bed, catching up on the latest episodes of The Office that they missed due to the recent onslaught of midterms, Brown Taekwondo was out kicking ass and taking names.

On February 19th, 58 Brown Taekwondo members took part in the Eastern Collegiate Taekwondo Conference (ECTC) in sparring and poomse (which looks something like this) competitions and ended up in the top spot. The conference was held at Princeton, with over 20 schools, including MIT, Tufts and Cornell, participating. The group was led by Master Sung Park ’96 and Randy Trang ’11, with student instructors Annam Nguyen ’12, Danielle Harrison, Jesse Madnick ’12 and Jon Truong ’12 acting as head student instructors.

The group will be defending its title of National Champions, which it took for the first time last year, at MIT in early April.