Useless Rankings: America’s Favorite Cities 2014


We all know that Ellen Degeneres (read: Hank) is America’s sweetheart, and now it seems that Providence has become the Ellen of America. According to Travel+Leisure, Providence ranks as the #1 Top City Overall. Move over Los Angeles and New York – it’s time for the underdog to shine!

Travel+Leisure compiled responses from many surveys that asked readers to rank certain aspects of a city that ranged from sandwiches to gay-friendliness, on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best). Providence seems to have weaved its way into many of the categories’ top spots! For example, it is considered the second best city for street food (go Mama Kim’s!), the best city for diners, and the best city for bakeries. Yes, I’m just focusing on food here, because, really, all you need is food.

Rankings are always an iffy topic because they tend to be extremely subjective, and Brown doesn’t always fare too well in those that “matter,” whatever that means. But hey, these Travel+Leisure rankings are basically telling us that we’re living in the best city out there, so I guess we can roll with that.

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