Brown bares all in new subreddit: Our Q&A with the site’s moderator

Disclaimer: Almost none of the links in this post are safe for work studying in the FriSC. Click through at your own discretion.

If you, like us, have been wasting time perusing Spotted at Brown during the last few days, you might be aware of a new subreddit heating up the Brown cyberscene. The site, punnily titled BrownBares, serves as a space for Brown students to post revealing or nude photos of themselves. As of yesterday, the URL redirects to the site.

To date, 27 posts have gone up on the subreddit, the vast majority of which feature nude or semi-nude photos of students. While most of the photos seem to have been taken in dorm rooms or bathrooms, one brave poster (deemed “Salomon” by his Spotted at Brown following) fully embraced the spirit of the subreddit and took to the 500-seat Salomon DeCiccio Auditorium to take naked pictures. Another female poster hints at having taken pictures of herself in a library bathroom. (Though no photos have featured donuts yet…)

Brunonians aren’t the only college students who like being nekkid on the Internet. Boobs@Bard, for example, is a tumblr that showcases topless photos of the women of Bard College, while its counterpart, Bard Cocks on Campus, features bottomless photos of men. Once those two sites gained traction, copycats quickly arose in WesBreasts/Westacles at Wesleyan, Titties at Tulane/Cocks on Campus at Tulane and Vag@Vassar — the men at Vassar apparently haven’t risen to the challenge.

BlogDailyHerald recently caught up with the moderator and founder of BrownBares and direct messaged him (yup, he’s male, we asked) a few of the questions we’ve all been wondering:

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Web Civ: The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project Wraps Up

A while back, we published a post featuring The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, in which Northwestern student Lawrence Dai vowed to sit through a full screening of Julie & Julia (2009) every single day for the course of a year and blog about his experience. It was a venture undertaken at the cost of 44,895 man-hours and compromised mental health. Two weeks ago, he hit his 365th watch.

We think it’s best to start at the very beginning in order to properly track Lawrence’s descent into madness (and the evolution of his pending plan to assassinate Amy Adams), but we know you’re busy and all so we’ve composed our own greatest hits from the blog:

Day 1: “This film is simply delightful!” Just you wait.

Day 13: Lawrence begins to match lyrics from Kanye West’s My Dark Twisted Fantasy to what’s going on in the movie. “I don’t need your pussy, bitch, I’m on my own dick” apparently coordinates with Julie’s husband (“Not-Mark-Ruffalo”) looking at her.  Continue Reading

Web Civ: Animals talking in all caps

Being a blog and all, it makes perfect sense that we here at BlogDH have an obvious soft spot for…well, other blogs.

That said, Buzzfeed recently posted its annual list of the best Tumblrs of the year  (a joyous event that always happens to perfectly align with the start of finals) and needless to say there are a lot of real winners. If accidental Chinese hipsters aren’t your thing, or you’re bummed at the news that Textsfrombennett is actually fictitious (big ol’ duh! right there) there’s always ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS.

A new addition to the blogosphere, the idea is deceptively simple: caption funny pictures of animals with hilarious anthropomorphic banter, and you’re sure to leave college students awkwardly laughing to themselves in very public locations as they seek solace from that damn take-home final they’ve yet to begin.

So, take a break from assuring yourself that you “work best under pressure” and check out this cat lamenting about her addiction to drunkenly shopping online. If that’s not productive, I don’t know what is.

What’s happenin’ on r/BrownU

In case you don’t already lurk all of the Brown social media websites religiously, here’s a quick summary of what’s currently going on on the Brown Reddit r/BrownU.  My ulterior motive in posting this is that I’m hoping everyone is like, “whoa, cool site, I’m gonna post on it all the time” and then I’ll have even more distracting Brown-related material to read during my classes.

The above screenshot was posted in response to this thread, probably the best thing I’ve read recently beginning with the words “i was pooping earlier”:

(But hasn’t this poster seen Writing on the Stall?)

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Finally “Friday”

RB contemplates life's most difficult questions in "Friday" //

If you’ve used the Internet at all in the past week or so, you’ve almost definitely seen this video or some “news” story related to it. Afterward you probably wondered, “BlogDailyHerald is usually so up to date on all the absurd web trends; why haven’t they posted something about Rebecca Black, the 13 year-old girl whose music video is pushing 16 million views on YouTube?” (Yes, Brown students think with semicolons.) The truth is, here at the blog we often try to find some relevant context for our posts, and the past six days just haven’t provided it. Luckily, today i-is Friday (Friday) and thus it’s appropriate to join the meme-addicted multitudes in giving Rebecca the attention she probably doesn’t deserve. The Daily Beast recently posted an interview with Black and she’s as profoundly insightful as we expected her to be. Analysis of every Rebecca quotation in the interview after the jump.

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Web Civ: Top Five Thom Yorke Memes

Recently, the campus (and the entire web) has been musically buzzing over the extravaganza that is Radiohead’s “Lotus Flower.” With one of rock’s most enigmatic frontmen decked out in skinny jeans and a button down, shakin’ his thang (whatever that thang may be…), the video revels in the strange combination of bizarre and sexy that only Thom Yorke can pull off. The greatest aspect of it though is the plethora of memes, gifs, and parodies that this video has inspired. After extensive research, we have compiled my favorite Dancing Thom memes. Enjoy!

5. Thom Yorke Takes on Breakfast Club

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