Web Civ: (#yourlabelofchoicehere) Girl Problems on Twitter

For many people here in the 21st century, Twitter is not a just a means of broadcasting personal tidbits, but rather a stage on which to entertain and amuse.  While this blog uses its Twitter for posting updates, others take alternate routes.  A popular route to take is the route of girl problems. This recent fad takes a certain demographic or category of girls and pokes fun at their ridiculous lifestyles (via Twitter). However, as you will find out after the jump, they are all apples from the same tree. Continue Reading

Web Civ: Super Bowl Ads Go Viral

In case you haven’t been informed by every news website ever, a 30 second commercial slot during last night’s Superbowl XLV cost a whopping $3 million. To put this in perspective, this means the price of airing Kim Kardashian in a tight black outfit could have paid for roughly 120 semesters of private university education–gotta love America.  Anyway, while the numbers aren’t in yet, yesterday’s game could turn out to be the most-watched television event in U.S. history with over 1/3 of the nation’s 307 million people tuned in. This year, however, companies were not merely satisfied getting exposure during the country’s biggest sporting event and opted to go viral with their commercials in order to further promote their products. Read more about the commercial invasion of social media after the jump. Continue Reading

Web Civ: Improv Everywhere

What is more amusing, nowadays, than watching unsuspecting victims of peculiar events get caught on camera? Ever since the Candid Camera days, TV shows, comedy troupes, and even individuals have been staging public scenes of bizarreness and confusion, gauging the reactions of naïve bystanders (and posting it on YouTube). Perhaps no group is more hilarious than the 10-year-old New York based group Improv Everywhere, whose mission is to create “scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” Since 2001, Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 “missions” involving tens of thousands of “undercover agents.” Since you probably don’t want to waste your time perusing through the dozens and dozens of videos (well, you maybe you do), we will walk you through some of Improv Everywhere’s “Greatest Hits.” Frozen train stations, Food Court Musicals, and more after the jump!

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Web Civ: Northwestern Student Blog Does the Unthinkable

Lawrence Dai spends a year with Julie & Julia / Columbia Pictures

These days it seems a blog exists for everything. Wannabe DJs post ‘exclusive tunes’ for the raving masses, think tanks provide an endless flow of policy recommendations and college journalists who can’t seem to get any assignments from the daily news offer an relentless stream of stuff to read. With free Blogger and Tumblr accounts, anybody can sign up and start posting–and this leads to a lot of garbage. But every so often, somebody can stir the weblog pot with a great idea and undying commitment. Enter Lawrence Dai, a Northwestern University student who has dedicated his blog, The Lawrence/Julie & Julia Project, to chronicling his experience viewing Nora Ephron’s Julie & Julia every day for a year. Continue Reading

Web Civilization: Epic Meal Time

Nobody can deny it, we are part of a Web Civilization.  Newstelevisionteenage Snooki and, most importantly, Blog Daily Herald are available 24/7 in dorms, libraries, eateries and Blue State. This new series is devoted to bringing Brunonia the good, the bad and the ugly of internet trends–the real modern culture and media (no Saussure here!). First on the agenda is a new breed of web cooking series:

For those of you who have never heard of Epic Meal Time, it is an online cooking show that makes Paula Dean’s butter-saturated program Paula’s Best Dishes look like Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. Continue Reading