launches tomorrow

folkmade, a website created by a small group of Brown students and led by Fiora MacPherson ’16, provides a platform for College Hill artists to share both their work and their stories.

The idea was conceived earlier this year, when MacPherson and some friends decided that it was time to improve connections between Brown/RISD artists and the greater College Hill community. Folkmade’s mission statement illustrates this goal; the website aims to “acknowledge the talent in our community” and “celebrate the homegrown makers of our campus” by giving them a way to share their work and their passion with their neighbors. And the organization has done just that; Folkmade will transform the presence of the local art community in everyday life on College Hill.

At, consumers can purchase authentic artwork created by Brown/RISD students. The single unifying feature of the products is their excellent quality; aside from that, the store features a wide array of incredible artwork that spans many styles and mediums. Currently, pieces range in price from $5 to $100 and the product list ranges from oil paintings all the way to literal benches. And that’s only the beginning.

According to MacPherson, the online store will grow with time; artwork will be added in frequent intervals, so the store functions as an ever-evolving showcase of the wealth of beautiful art being produced on the Hill.

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The Herald welcomes you to the new semester with a sparkly new website

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 5.19.07 PM

With the start of the new semester — and the icy wintry welcome Providence gave us for the first day of class — The Herald not only brought you a paper to welcome you to 2013 but yet another way to strategically waste time online.

On behalf of The Brown Daily Herald, BlogDH’s umbrella organization (or more affectionately, our wise older sibling who always makes curfew), we would like to cordially welcome you to The Herald’s sparkly, shiny, spankin’ new website.

Here’s a rundown of the site’s new features that we think make it better for you, the reader, than our previous site, courtesy of The Herald’s Strategic Director Greg Jordan-Detamore ’14 and Assistant Web Producer Neal Poole ’13: Continue Reading gets a makeover!

minimalistyetbeautifulWhen was the last time you took a gander at the Brown Dining Services webpage? Most likely it was early freshman year when some kind-hearted upperclassman revealed to you that your 3 meal per-day plan was far inferior to Flex 460… it sounded like something halfway between Trimspa and P90X, so naturally you referred to the website to make sure it was real. If you remember the site, it resembled a cross between a GeoCities page and one of those random science-for-kids websites you would visit in grade school. Fortunately, BuDS has given itself an extreme makeover (web edition), which has improved both its aesthetics and functionality. Three reasons why the new site is better after the jump.

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In case you didn’t see it… the new Brown website!

Yeah, Brown finally finished the redesign of its website. Those you who voted for the winning results, good for you! Now if only they would let us vote on how to redesign Banner…

Brown (finally!!!!) has plans to update Web site

Today’s Morning Mail had a submission about Brown’s plans for a new website. The message provided a link to a survey about three possible templates for the new Brown website. As we all know, the current one is a bit…drab. It’s pretty outdated to say the least, and not very exciting.

Brown finally realized there were serious problems with the site, and the new templates are completely different from the current site.

To check them out and to give your input, go to the survey here. As they say in the message, it really doesn’t take more than 10 minutes, so give it a shot.