What your Brown apparel says about you

Homecoming is this weekend, which means that for one rare day, a sizable number of Brown students will actually show some school spirit. Everyone celebrates Homecoming differently: some people, you know, actually enjoy the game (no hate — I just do not understand football); others tailgate from sunup ’til sundown. Regardless of whether or not you drink or like football—or whether or not you feel an irrepressible urge to paint your body in school colors—there’s one simple, painless way to show Brown pride this weekend: by sporting Brown apparel.

Anyone who’s stepped foot into the Brown bookstore knows that if you’re looking for a piece of clothing to show some school spirit, there seem to be infinite options. And then there are the unofficial garments: Ruth shirts, Brown State bro tanks, and the like. Here’s our handy guide to help you figure out exactly what message you’re sending when you don your favorite piece of Brown gear for today’s game.

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As if the sweatshirts weren’t ugly enough…

It can be hard, nowadays, to find a simple article of clothing that lets you show your school pride and politely informs others that you are, in fact, a grandiloquent, authentic Ivy Leaguer. Everyone and their mother owns that costly Brown sweatshirt. (This blogger has even seen his own mother sport matching Brown sweatpants, sweatshirt, and hat, which was painful to say the least.) Even the simple college t-shirt is no longer a reliable indicator of matriculation. However, fret no more. This year, New Balance is releasing a collection of Ivy League-inspired “hiker-sneaker fusion” shoesContinue Reading