What to do tonight: 9/24

‘Queer Expressions in Latin American Cinema’

5:30 P.M., List 120

Director, writer and actor Julia Solomonoff, director and writer Javier Fuentes-Leon and Harvard gender studies professor Bradley Epps will lead a panel discussion before a showing of “Dzi Croquettes” — a documentary about a Brazilian theater group which used performance to address the country’s political climate during the 1970s — as part of the New England Festival of Ibero American Cinema (see below).

Ibero American film festival

For other Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese films playing at various times tonight, check out the cable car cinema (“Memories of Overdevelopment” at 7:30, “Latinos in Shorts” at 9:30). If you’ve never been, it has comfy couches. Or if you’d rather stay on Thayer Street, head to the Avon (“Bad Day for Fishing” at 8:30, “The Shame” at 10:30). Both theaters will charge $5 with student ID.

The Time of Your Life

7:30 P.M., Citizens Bank Theater (87 Empire Street), free with student ID

‘The Time of Your Life’ by William Saroyan is an award-winning play about the offbeat frequenters of a San Francisco bar. This production by the Brown/Trinity MFA program will also run tomorrow at 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.