Blogify: Where is the Love?

While the Biebers and Grandes of the world have tons of popularity, there are tons of incredible artists that don’t have the same reach. To quote William Adams Jr., Stacy Ferguson, Allan Lindo, and Jaime Gómez, “Where is the Love?”

For this week’s Blogify, we’ve compiled a playlist of staff favorite tunes that don’t have millions of Spotify plays, or billions of YouTube views. In fact – with a couple of exceptions – they have fewer than 100,000 listens on Spotify.

You heard ‘em here first.

Wake Up – Lawrence
This song is an irrefutable jam. Plus Lawrence is headlined by Clyde Lawrence ’15 – and just opened for Blues Traveler. Get it into your rotation.

Mayor Bloomberg (Giant Margarita) – Awkwafina
It’s hilarious. A satirical-ish song about a girl worrying that giant margaritas are also going to get banned as part of NY’s almost-ban on large sugary drinks. “Please don’t take my freedom, my giant margarita.” This song is the voice of a SWUG generation. –Steph Hojsak

HiyHiy by Lostboycrow
So. Fucking. Catchy. Makes me feel like a badass walking to work. –Sydney Mondry

Demo – King Mez
King Mez has river-like flow, was featured thrice on Dr. Dre’s Compton, and his highest played song only has 12,000 plays on Spotify? Messed up.

285 – Kitty
When she raps, she’s got all the flow and wit (maybe even more) than ‘mainstream’ rappers. Along with some wonderful rapped lyrics, the song also has a techno-pop hook and chorus. Like come on. ‘Never bitter, never sounding rude/and positive, I milk it like a cow, I moo’ – Steph Hojsak

Tonight – Matt Simons
Ok I’ll admit I cheated on this one – it’s got the most listens on Spotify on this playlist (438,000) but it really should have 43.8 million at least. So its inclusion is justified. See also, Can’t Have by Steven A. Clark.

Halfheartedly – The Rare Occasions
They are a local band (students from Tufts and Berklee) but they are amazing musicians and have won major national songwriting awards. –Julia Ella

Go Back – Darlingside
They have beautiful harmonies/arrangements plus the song is sorta based off Back to the Future. –Sarah Campbell Tucker

Cry, Cry, Cry – Judith Hill
You will like this jazzy jam if you like Amy Winehouse, or just music in general.

But in the Movie Baby – Band of Gold
“A great ‘walk to class with swag’ song (especially in the rain)” –Charlotte Bilski

Iko Iko – Aaron Carter
This song was included because I was shocked to learn that a song I listened to over a hundred thousand times in second grade actually has fewer than a hundred thousand plays on Spotify.

Tea, Milk & Honey – Oh Pep!
I discovered the song / them on NPR Tiny Desk Concerts, and it sort of feels like two songs in one, which is fun. Really beautiful folk-y tune, and awesome vocals. –Sydney Mondry

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