BlogDH Panel: #FlashbackFriday, Halloween 2k14 edition

Last year, Blog rejoiced when Halloween fell on #ThrowbackThursday. This year, we are not so fortunate: Halloween coincides with #FlashbackFriday, a watered down pseudo-version of #TBT, the classic and culturally accepted weekly Instagram holiday. We could not, however, resist getting involved in the most overkill social media-induced nostalgia trip of the year just because of the pesky Gregorian calendar…so, we have curated a BlogPanel of simpler days when Halloween wasn’t about muploading from the Whiskey Republic and out-punning your frenemies. Happy #FlashbackFriday!

Our editor-in-chief, Georgia Tollin (far left), mustache you a question.

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The Spring Weekend lineup release party is on Tuesday


After years of midnight announcements online, the Brown Concert Agency is taking a different approach to releasing the lineup for Spring Weekend 2014–one that will draw attention to Brown student musicians.

BCA has pegged six student groups to play a Lineup Release Party this Tuesday at Whiskey Republic. At midnight, they will put a pause to the festivities to announce the lineup for Spring Weekend.

You could just wait for the Facebook flurry (and Blog coverage) from those who trek down the hill on Tuesday night, but here are six things you’d be missing out on:

Clyde Lawrence Band

Clyde Lawrence is a junior hailing from New York City. His infectious soul-infused pop has caught the attention of many Brown students, Providence locals and, according to comments on the video above, French people. He plays a lot of shows at Brown and in the Providence area, and they’re always a good time. Continue Reading

Did you really read Morning Mail? Brown onCall Pilot Program

On Call

President Paxson’s call to ramp up campus safety programs in the wake of a recent spike in crime has landed all students access to Brown University Shuttle (BUS) onCall.  Wave goodbye to the days of waiting for Safe Ride Bear Force One BUS and say hello to the pilot program, which shuttles community members off the beaten path, on their own time.

You probably glanced over this e-mail, but this is HUGE.  The onCall coverage area extends way beyond Brown’s turf. Think all the way east to Blackstone Boulevard, to Wickenden Street; west to North Main, and towards Chase Avenue. Oh the places you’ll go!  While the increase in crime on College Hill does concern us, it is notable that onCall’s boundaries could revolutionize your late-night travels.  Can onCall provide shuttling to our favorite venues? The onCall boundaries say yes, the guidelines say “it is not a taxi service and should not be used as such,” but only time will tell…

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Meet Catherine Gross ’13, the student who tweeted to win a trip to Vegas at Whisko

photo (8)

Last Wednesday’s Whisko was just any other Wednesday night rager at the bar on S. Water Street: drinks, dancing, townies, lots of leather, etc. The game-changer? An opportunity to tweet to win a trip to Vegas was thrown into the mix.

Enter Catherine Gross ’13, a Brown student with serendipitous good luck. She’s not a usual Whisko patron, but after spending the day in New York at some “really fun and not-at-all stressful job meetings,” which, in reality, were neither fun nor not-at-all stressful, her friend’s “Wishco tonight?!” inquiry was surely welcome. She originally had planned to spend the night in the city, but then the Vegas gods intervened—she decided to come back to the glorious PVD on a whim. “As I’m not a freshman girl, I don’t frequent the ‘Co, but something of the YOLO-variety took over and I grabbed the Acela back for what I thought would be a pretty standard night at the Whiskey Republic: dancing and late-night Spicy Withs.”

And yeah, sure, it would have been pretty standard…until she learned of that night’s Vegas contest. Continue Reading

Introducing: WhisKus

Last night was the inaugural “Brown Night” at Whiskey Republic. Somewhere amidst yesterday’s insanity we forgot to remind for you to send us your WhisKus (see: FishKu), so we decided to write a few of our own:

Whiskey Republic,
Tell me, why did the stage move?
Heat lamps are crucial.

Brand new clean bathrooms,
Beautiful wood panelling,
Thanks Celtic punk band!

I see you winding
Grinding, up on that po-ole.
Wait, where are the poles?

FishCo or WhisCo,
Gettin’ down at the Co- but,
Which name will I choose?

DJ Pauly D,
Why don’t you just stay at Geoff’s,
We’ve got meatball.

Leave yours in the comments!