HALLOWHISKO: A narrative in GIFs

Tonight, hundreds of scantily clad college students will converge on a small waterfront bar. I could use any amount of witticisms to describe this monumental moment, but you know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words — but a GIF is worth a million. Will the sequence below roughly describe your night? One can only hope.

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Brown culture shock: That time I visited another school

Paging Captain Obvious: we live in a bubble. What bubble that is depends on the person you speak with, but I want to talk about the Brown Culture Bubble, a place where we are PC 24/7, overly sensitive, and gender is a spectrum, not a binary. To us, that type of language doesn’t faze us. Binaries, hegemonies, SPG—those are all just words we throw around over chicken fingers at the V-Dub.

This past weekend, I traveled to our nation’s capital to visit a friend at her college. I was too excited by the idea of being a tourist, visiting free museums, and looking for clues with Nicolas Cage to think about what it would be like to visit another school—one that is nothing like Brown—and what a culture shock that would be.

First thing I realized: not everyone is liberal. It’s no secret that most students lean to the left at Brown. So I probably overstepped my boundaries a bit when the first presidential debate was brought up, saying, “Ugh, Romney spoke well, I guess… that bastard,” just a couple of minutes after introducing myself to my friend’s friends. They ignored my comment. The silence was uncomfortable. I did some damage control, explaining how I’ve become a “raging liberal” since I’ve moved to Providence, and we all shared a laugh. Supplementary lesson: kill ‘em with laughs! Awkward jokes are the best!  Continue Reading

PSA: How to avoid hooking up with frosh

The Walk of Shame is ten times longer from Keeney…

Last Friday, I was dragged along by my friends to the soccer game. Now, I don’t pay attention to foot-games, so as I sullenly zoned out (what color uniforms do we wear again?). I couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation of the sophomore girls seated behind me.

“I’m so super excited to be going out this weekend! Oh my god, I’m gonna get so wasted.”

“Yeah, I haven’t gotten laid in forever.”

“Oh my god, just be careful. You don’t want to hook up with a freshman.”

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Freshmen: Welcome to Whisko

Ahh. We’ve survived a week of classes. It’s been a rough week, especially for the froshies. We trekked through the thunderstorms, sat in humid classes, smelled like wet dog, and ended our days completely confused and frustrated with our academic futures. Time for bed?

Naaah, let’s just go and get blackout drunk.

Enter Whiskey Republic, formerly known as Fish Co., the hole-in-the-wall sports bar located on the waterfront of Providence on Wickenden Street. You may have gone last week. You may not remember going last week. But this is the first real Whisko—the one with less people and shorter lines. The one that we’ll all enjoy.

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