Time to White Out

At long last, the day that you’ve all been waiting for has arrived.  It’s time to White Out For Diddy.  Give Diddy a warm welcome today by emulating the guests at his Hamptons-based white parties and wearing all white clothing at today’s concert.  You get extra points for wearing a hat like this.  Subtract points for wearing any off-white colors, including azure, seashell, snow, wheat, and beige.  Go big or go home, Brown. See you in Meehan at 5:30.

White Out for Diddy!

Roll out the white carpet, ’cause Diddy’s coming to town. For those of you not hip enough to understand, we’re referencing Diddy’s famed White Party–a classy, Hamptons-based affair where celebrities get together and see who looks best in white. Diddy hasn’t thrown an official White Party in a couple years, but that shouldn’t stop the Brown student body from getting decked out in the rapper-producer-entrepreneur’s (lack of) color of choice.

Your charge is simple: wear all white clothing to the Spring Weekend Concert on Saturday, April 16th, thereby magically transforming a mere musical event into a White Party extravaganza.