Blorgchiving: When The Gate actually had gates…

If you’ve been missing your paninis and that “free” pizza your parents already paid for, then you’ll certainly be excited for today’s reopening of The Gate.

Back in 1947, when The Gate first opened, Pembroke students were excited, too. Unlike the Blue Room, which they could only enter when accompanied by a male escort,  The Gate provided a place for the females of College Hill to lunch freely.  Brown men were allowed in, too, but only if accompanied by a Pembroke student, according to the Encyclopedia Brunoniana.

And there were actually gates! White picket fences, which you can make out in the background of this picture. According an Evening Bulletin article describing the new eatery, The Gate also featured “many cozy nooks with leather-upholstered wicker furniture in lime, yellow and deep green.” Way too charming.

After the jump, a picture of the 1947 snack bar with era-appropriate glass bottles of soda, as well as pricing from the 1979 Gate menu. Continue Reading