Sans Meal Plan: Experimenting at Brown

By now, we’ve all realized that, at Brown, experimenting to find one’s true self is not only practiced, but also widely encouraged. From experiencing other academic fields to making new friends to trying new activities (and, um, extra-curricular activities), experimentation has long been central to the Brown dogma. So, why stop there? Now it’s time to get freaky in the kitchen!

I’m going to let you in a little secret: playing with recipes and doing what I call “throwing a whole bunch of stuff together and seeing if it tastes good” is one of the most rewarding and therapeutic activities you can do. That, and it is the ultimate time-waster — just sayin’. I’d always been under the impression that while cooking rewards experimentation, baking punishes it. However, after being inspired by some of my favorite food bloggers out there, I decided to go out on a limb and try and create new recipes (for both “real” food and sweets) just for the sake of experimentation. I was met with some major successes and even more epic fails, but hey, it beats that 200 pages of reading I was supposed to do for section today (#SeniorSpring)! Continue Reading