Abyssinia is (probably) closed


BlogDH is sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it looks like Wickenden Street’s staple Ethiopian restaurant is calling it a day. How do we know? Partly because we feel its absence in our hearts, and partly because a) there is a sign that says “We are closed”, b) their phone is disconnected, and c) there is “property for lease” sign outside of the establishment. Every time someone on staff has dropped by during normal open-for-business hours, the lights have been out.

Abyssinia was a love or hate kind of joint– The type of place where you’d either be ecstatic at the prospect of becoming a regular, or dodge in fear of having to request a fork. (The standard utensils were rolls of injera, or Ethiopian sourdough flatbread).

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12 Days of Spring Weekend: #EEEEEATS Lineup

BREAKING: here’s an equally important lineup for this weekend.  BCA hooked us up with a variety of food vendors to satisfy all of your culinary cravings during the concerts.  If you just have to drunkenly foodstagram, at least use the hashtag #BlogSW.  Your body is a temple—nourish, HYDRATE, and have fun!



Ben and Jerry’s free cones! 

Del’s Lemonade – A Rhode Island classic, but don’t expect this.

Domino’s Pizza – You can prove your loyalty to Antonio’s or Nice Slice later.

Taste of India – If you’re feeling adventurous.

Tina’s Jamaican Caribbean Restaurant – If you’re really feeling adventurous. 

Duck and Bunny – It’s only once a year that Wickenden comes to the Main Green.

Mexico Restaurant – For those looking to spice things up.


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Amuse-Bouche: Sweet Berry Yogurt


“Soon” is now upon us.

Last night I ventured to Sweet Berry Yogurt, Wickenden’s newest addition and Providence’s latest player in the froyo game.  The new shop is quite late to the national frozen yogurt movement, which arguably originated with the mass openings of franchises such as Red Mango, Pinkberry, and my personal middle school hangout, Tasti-D-Lite. However, in the movement’s most recent years, its new frozen yogurt hotspots tend to be self-serve joints with overwhelming toppings bars and per-ounce pricing that can really make dents in the wallets of those with little self-control or “little-kid-in-the-candy-store” mentalities. Although the froyo movement may be on its way out of style, and despite pressed juice’s (which is actually healthful) growing monopoly in the lucrative “health food” market, I still enjoy a cup of ersatz “yogurt” just as much (or maybe more than) the next person. I decided to drag two of my friends to Sweet Berry for an après dinner treat.

As I walked into the alarmingly-lit Sweet Berry, I passed a bouquet of wilted balloons tied to faux Knoll Risom chairs, which beat FroyoWorld’s benches with views of the bus tunnel. The interior was the same as that of its competitors—astonishingly clean and decorated with a cheesy and cheap mix of mid-century and contemporary décor.

Next, I asked for a tester, which any froyo veteran knows is available but not advertised (#lifehacker). I chose to test “low-fat” peanut butter, which to my surprise was creamy, decently flavorful, and relatively similar to the real deal. Then, I pulled the lever on “non-fat” cookies and cream, which I struggled to taste as its soupy consistency immediately melted into the depths of my tester cup. I surrendered and ended my short-lived sampling spree. Continue Reading

Art School(ed): Spotlight on Zio Ziegler

IMG_6887 copy2

Art School(ed) is a column about all things arty (e.g., exhibits, printmakers, gouache, the Rhode Island School of Design, zines, Van Gogh, that Circle Dance sculpture made out of impenetrable tinfoil, contemporary photography, Woody Allen, etc.) penned by a real, live RISD student.

Ever wonder what the story is behind Brickway on Wickenden’s kaleidoscopic walls? It all started at the behest of one guy with an alliterative name and a soft spot for breakfast food. Zio Ziegler, who studied at both RISD and Brown, dined at Brickway multiple mornings per week before class, and could not quite jibe with the primary colored walls of the restaurant. He arranged a trade with the Brickway staff: he would paint the restaurants’ walls in his signature style in exchange for free pancakes. The Brickway we know today is the product of one month of Zio Ziegler’s junior year, when he painted those psychedelic walls every evening after class until the wee hours of the morning.

 Zio Ziegler, a Mill Valley, California native, majored in Painting at RISD and graduated in 2010. Ziegler is the crazy hybrid of Picasso and Keith Haring with Haring’s itch for spray paint and Picasso’s penchant for murals. This dude’s free-spirited public art knows no bounds: it can be spotted on temporary walls, on Porsches, on the skate ramps of this past summer’s Vans US Open of Surfing, and on the walls of Facebook’s Headquarters. The guy paints any found object he can get his hands on. He painted a mural in one day in Vegas, in preparation for upcoming “Life is Beautiful” music festival, and you can peep his process. Hella cool. Continue Reading

Chow Down Brown: Dolce Gelateria


Since you most definitely need to treat yo’self (see after the jump) after completing that final paper, I suggest stopping by Wickenden’s most recent addition, Dolce Gelateria. If you think the Lanni family’s (John, Deborah, Brittan, and Nicole) shop is scooping your average ice cream and gelato, I bet these mind-blowing flavas – apple crisp, coffee kahlua brownie, snickas with Snickers, ginger, and frozen pudding – proved you wrong. As if those weren’t enough, your options also include white chocolate with cranberry, basil sorbet, cinnamon, and peach bellini. And if I haven’t convinced you yet, the Lanni family’s homemade waffle cone recipe puts the Ratty/V-dub to shame.  Basically, this gelato and ice cream joint is sure to be a sweet success, so ch-ch-check it out at 270 Wickenden or on their Facebook page.

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How Not to be a Freshman: The one where I go exploring

This weekend, readers, I did something I’ve never done before since I’ve been at Brown: I left Thayer Street and explored. While Thayer Street is quaint and has its perks, Wickenden Street promises an exciting change from the usual. So fellow freshmen, if you haven’t gotten a chance to explore, now’s the time to do it! We haven’t been hit with the frigid cold that will be a permanent presence in the dead of winter, and by now, most of us are pretty settled with our friends and classes. So grab a few buddies and leave Thayer. Here’s where I’ve been on Wickenden Street:

Sakura: This cozy Japanese restaurant is a hidden gem! The sushi was delicious and I also ordered chicken tempura when I was there. It was fried to perfection and I left satisfied but not disgustingly full. It’s also good for kids on the college budget, as there was nothing outrageously expensive on the menu. Another plus: it’s BYOB (and they don’t card you). I guess they figure if you’re able to procure alcohol, you’re old enough to drink it. Suckers. Definitely check this place out!  Don’t come with a large group though because the restaurant is pretty small and they’ll mess up your checks. Check out the menu here.

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