Making Mondays Better: Winter Winter Chicken Dinner

Since Arcade Fire won Best Album last year, it seems like the Grammys actually matter. Bon Iver’s gotten four nominations and, ahem, Skrillex has three nominations (not sure if I think that’s awesome, funny, or both). I got bets on Adele’s 21 for Album of the Year.

Finally, before the playlist, I just wanted to share a tweet I stumbled upon regarding Drake’s latest album Take Care. It sums up my sentiments pretty well: “I’m about to put Drake’s Take Care in the dryer so that my clothes can come out softer.”
This Week’s Playlist
Winter Winter Chicken Dinner

Hip Heezy
Mac Lethal – Look at Me Now (Cover)
This video makes me want to bring pancakes to a club. Some seriously good lyricism here!!
Logic – Live On The Air
…umm what’d he say??
Yonas – Time Is Now
Chris Webby – There Goes The Neighborhood Continue Reading