3 reasons to get a workout buddy


Behind every strong lifter, there’s an even stronger workout partner. Why did Bonnie and Clyde pair up to terrorize and all those people? Why do Key and Peele tag-team in their sketches? The answer is timeless and simple: teamwork. The same applies to you in the realm of fitness. Here are Blog’s reasons as to why you should find a workout buddy.

1. Motivation. Tell me what you do when you’re enjoying the company of your friends. Getting food? Watching a movie? Try going to the gym. When you start going to a fitness facility with your pals and turn working out into hanging out, finding the motivation to exercise becomes effortless. Even if you can’t find that special someone yet to drag you to the gym, a friend who just calls you on the phone is enough. According to a Stanford University study, receiving a phone call once every two weeks boosts exercise on average by 78% on average. So get one of your Type-A friends to call you at 6 in the morning on a Monday to remind you to exercise. I guarantee you’ll find yourself in the gym before you know it just to get that person to stop talking.

2. Safety. Okay. The barbell and all those plates are on your back. Breathe in, squat, and breathe out while pushing up with your heels. How do you think you did? Well…all you did was lean forward and not squat at all: having a workout buddy keeps your form on all exercises in fairly good shape. Moreover, for exercises where a spot is crucial, such as bench pressing, you’ll always have someone ready at your side. Take all the pre-workout you want and flaunt all your colorful sweatbands: at the end of the day, safety is the priority, and you need someone by your side.

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