#AYOTZINAPA comes to Brown with teach-in, exhibit


Did you see these 43 empty chairs set up on the Main Green today? Did you walk by them without figuring out what they were for? It’s fine, you probably aren’t alone in that. But these chairs, an exhibit titled “We are the 43 still missing,” were there as an homage to the 43 students at a Mexican teachers college that disappeared this September after an encounter with local police. The students were on their way to a protest when they were arrested — after a gunfight in which 10 other students died — handed over to a cartel called the United Warriors, and presumably murdered. Each chair on the Main Green today had a portrait of one of the missing students on it. Their disappearance has sparked outrage both in Mexico and around the world.

Last night, the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies hosted a teach-in on the tragedy in Iguala, the town in which the Normal University of Ayotzinapa is located. The Center’s director, Richard Snyder, moderated the panel, which consisted of four women: Janice Gallagher, Paula Martínez  ’17, Atenea Rosado-Viurques, and Camila Ruiz ’18.

Before any of the panelists spoke to a packed Kassar Foxboro auditorium, however, Snyder showed a 5 minute video titled “Mexico: The Wound of the World” to provide some context. Since the beginning of the use of the military against drug cartels in 2006, levels of violence have exploded. The country’s poorest states, including Guerrero, where these students were from, have faced disproportionate amounts this violence.

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Hello Brown Instagrammers – Blog is calling!

Do you find yourself unable to resist taking pictures of the beauty around Brown’s campus to share with your Instagram followers? Or documenting what(ever) the fuck is happening on the Main Green? Or even just capturing the most “Brown” moments in your day to immortalize on social media?

Us too.

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Heavy Petting is today!

Despite having just returned to campus, it seems we are all already living in the Rock/SciLi/(Gourmet) Hell. But, fear not. This week is not devoid of little pleasures. From 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. today (yes, that means in less than an hour!), Heavy Petting will be on the Main Green! Brought to you by the wonderfully empathetic people at Health Services, today’s round, while not “super,” will feature professors and their dogs and can be sure to calm even the most stressed soul, especially those who yanked away from lounging with their pups at home and thrown into another round of midterms (can they just end already?!). Plus, it’s finally actually nice out. At least in a Providence way. Prepare to overhear some weird shit.
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A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Love Your Body Day @ Brown

Love Your Body Day 2013

Wednesday, October 16th is national Love Your Body Day, a holiday that Brown wouldn’t dare miss out on. Students for Choice will be hosting a day filled with body-loving activities and your favorite contraceptive freebies tomorrow on the Main Green outside of Sayles from 10 a.m.–2 p.m.”

Love Your Body Day began in 1998 as a campaign of the National Organization for Women (NOW) as a response to the narrow and unhealthy ideals of beauty promoted by the media. Students for Choice has embraced this message as a celebration of every body (and everybody),”  said Liz Pon ’14, a co-president of SFC. “We aim to make this as body positive and body inclusive as possible, and have invited a wide range of student and community groups, from the Queer Alliance to the Brown University Relaxation Project, to participate. Our goal is to spread self-love while sparking thought and discussion about what it means to be ‘body positive’ in this day and age.”

Liz and her co-pres, Leah Newcomer ’14, emphasize that SFC wants Brown students to love themselves for who they are and, perhaps through the doors opened by LYBD, become active in the pursuit of self-acceptance.
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WTF is happening on the Main Green? The iFLIP4 launch event


Mentioned in an earlier post, iFLIP4 is an upcoming site developed by experienced entrepreneur Alan Bornstein and Brown student David Ellmann (currently on leave in order to develop the site) as a brand and network for people who care. Ellmann describes it as a “LinkedIn for charities; a causal network.” With ways to discuss and support causes that inspire you, and by offering a philanthropic brand with half its profits donated to charities, iFlip4 is set to revamp the ways in which we give.

Interested in getting involved? Stop by the Main Green today and learn more about the startup at Brown’s official iFlip4 launch event. Led by the iFLIP4 team of “ambassadors,” the event seeks to create a friendly, casual space in which to discuss charitable causes and global initiatives for change. As Ellmann puts it, “you wouldn’t normally bring up how much you just gave to a charity in a place like the Ratty, but the idea is behind iFLIP4 is to create a space for that kind of dialogue.” Visit the event table to create a profile on the site, discover thousands of new non-profits, get t-shirts, and begin “flipping” for the causes you believe in. The event will also feature soccer, frisbee, and a green-wide capture-the-flag game.

The event marks the start of a iFLIP4 launch campaign that is also occurring in multiple other high schools and colleges across the nation, including Bryn Mawr College, Colorado College, and the University of Maryland. The events, part of a “guerrilla marketing campaign set to evolve into a global force for good,” will promote iFLIP4 as a tool to help educate students who want to make a difference in world issues but may not know how.

Sound appealing? Get started by learning more on the Main Green today from 12-4 p.m.

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Final Divest Coal protest at 1 p.m. today


Brown Divest Coal will be holding their final rally of the school year at 1 p.m. They have been working all year to get the Corporation to actually vote on divesting from the so-called “filthy fifteen” coal companies, but President Paxson recently hinted that such a vote likely would not take place in May. Participants in this rally hope to change that. Brown Divest Coal has held a couple of rallies before, and their year-long efforts have yielded a 3,000-signature petition supporting divestment and endorsements from UCS and billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer.

As it’s their last public event of the year, it’s your last chance to make your presence felt if you support the cause. If you don’t support it, well, go about your day as planned. With few classes still meeting during Reading Period, you can probably expect a big crowd on the Main Green (as of Thursday night, 117 were listed as attending). For more information, check out the rally’s Facebook event or Brown Divest Coal’s web site.

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