WTF is happening by the Main Green? Students decorating statues for Divest Coal


Wondering why every sort of statue in the general vicinity of the Main Green from Bruno the Bear to the creepy, hand-holding statues (a.k.a. “Circle Dance”) on the Waterman Street lawn were covered in party hats and cardboard signs today?

This random act was the latest public demonstration by Brown Divest Coal. To celebrate the fact that the university’s advisory committee has formally recommended that Brown divest from the U.S.’s 15 largest coal companies, members of BDC decorated statues across campus with slogans encouraging members of the corporation to vote yes to divestment at the corporation’s next meeting in May.

BDC may very well have reason to celebrate: to date, the corporation has always taken the advisory committee’s recommendations on divestment. If the corporation follows suit on this issue, whatever guerrilla artistic insanity Brown Divest Coal does to celebrate will probably be worth seeing.


“Right to Wipe” to protest on Main Green

A cadre of VISA0100 students has launched the “Right to Wipe” campaign to convince the University to divest from upgrade all toilet paper from 1- to 2-ply. Are they serious? Yes! This shit is serious. The campaign’s slogan? “Tissue is an issue!” Well, yeah it is.

They’ll be gathering on the Main Green at 5 p.m. Wednesday to let their (surely innumerable) voices be heard. Funny thing is, this actually worked at Duke, so it might be worth coming out for. The question is, will students be willing to stomach the tuition hike necessary to finance the change? Only time will tell. Check out the Facebook event for the rally here.

WTF is happening on the Main Green? Conceptualizing what’s happening in Syria


If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of red flags on the Main Green outside of Faunce. They’re meant to symbolize the loss of Syrian lives as a result of the crisis there. The U.N. estimates that 70,000 people have been killed there to date, so each flag represents 233 deaths.

If you’re interested in learning more, there will be a student led teach-in on the issue tomorrow, Tuesday March 19 at 8 p.m. in Wilson 301. Additionally, there is a table set up near the flags where you can read about specific instances of torture in Syria, and where, if you want, you can sign letters against it.

Find your snow day student

538210_10151194131085834_1199172584_nYou know the drill by now. Check out our Facebook album here and tag your friends frolicking in the snow.

WTF was happening on the Main Green? The ultimate snowball fight

This is why we love Brown.

WTF is happening on the Main Green? Nature: It exists

Copyright David Oyer Nature Photography

Here’s something I didn’t consider in my college decision: adventurous romps through the wilderness of the Main Green. This first priceless snapshot, taken by your intrepid reporter, depicts an animal species that my research indicates was a “bird” eating another animal species that my research indicates was a “small rodent.” By my own admission, after seeing more pictures taken by people with better phone cameras and/or who weren’t too scared to go closer to this rapacious beast, I will admit that my initial diagnosis of “dead rabbit” would more accurately be put as “dead squirrel.” Here’s a better picture, taken by someone who probably had a real camera:

Our New Mascot?

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