WTF is happening in the Ratty? Coke happiness

Not that you couldn't already get free Coke or anything ...

Need mixers for the weekend? Wanna use the world’s most preposterously large vending machine?

There’s a vending machine in the Ratty as part of the Coke Happiness Project, where you can get a free bottle of C&C. It’s simple: go up to the machine, hit a button, and a black gloved hand will pop out and hand you your beverage. Very Guillermo Del Toro.

UPDATE: The machine dispenses more than just coke. Reports are coming in of bottle openers, iPods, and mini-fridges. Could we get one of these permanently?

WTF, Ratty? French taco edition

The French fusion taco sandwich was easily the most intriguing item on the dining hall menus today, so this intrepid blogger just had to give it a try.

The sandwich base, a bland baguette-esque bun came loaded with a paltry amount of Sloppy Joe beef and some grated cheese. Shredded lettuce and chopped tomato were optional fillers.

The taste: not great. Sloppy Joe seasoning is different from taco seasoning, and the Joe just didn’t go with the taco theme. Also, many other taco standards were missing, including chopped onions, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. The taco thing is falling apart (like most tacos do).

The only remotely French aspect of this concoction was the bread, a hardly-French American imitation. Without another link between the French cuisine and whatever culture produces generic ground beef seasonings, the fusion thing falls apart too.

This dish screams, “We ran out of taco shells but still had all the other ingredients so we made up a fusion dish to get away with putting tacos on buns!”

Not a good idea, Ratty. Only 4/20 revelers will want to eat this.