Yale sets the bar for Spring Weekend very high

Last night, Yale’s BCA equivalent–I’m going to go ahead and call them the YCA? –announced their Spring Fling line up for this year. It’s… amazing: St Lucia, Klingande, and Jessie J.

If you’re unfamiliar with any of the above artists, watch the announcement video above. You probably know St. Lucia and Klingande, but just don’t know you know — their songs are everywhere. ‘YCA’ has also given helpful category labels: St Lucia is the “indie electronic performer,” Klingande will be the “house performer,” and Jessie J is the headliner, i.e. an actual pop star!

Holy shit, this line up is great. St Lucia is not some crappy random indie artist, which is always the concern when filling this category. His debut album, When the Night, is not only full of great indie-dance tracks (check out “Elevate” in the above video, and “All Eyes On You” or “Closer Than This“), but it was also actually popular. You’ll find in on any given indie pop/dance playlist on Songza, or whatever equivalent Spotify playlists you follow.

House music is not my area of specialty,  but Klingande has some very doting fans here at BlogDH. He makes those very recognizable songs with great sounds in them and then a few words that repeat. “Jubel” and “Punga” are the ones you’ve definitely heard.

And, wow, Jessie J. “Bang Bang” is probably one of the most fun pop songs of the last year (even though one friend described it as a less-great rip-off of “Lady Marmalade”). And who didn’t secretly wake up to “Domino” in their head in 2012? Yale is going to be feeling so sexy and free at their Spring Fling!!! According to the Yale Daily News, she’s also the first female headliner at their Spring Fling since 1998.

God, good job Yale. We’re super jealous and feeling threatened–we’re the “cool Ivy”!  Your move, BCA.

Sixth Man: Meet your CollegeInsider.Com tournament field!

I guess Jeremy Lin played in this tournament one time when he went to Harvard

Jeremy Lin played in this tournament one time when he went to Harvard

It’s March! It’s Madness! The sportiest of Brown students might know that yesterday was Selection Sunday, when the 68-team field was set for the annual NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Yeah, yeah—YAWN. The real bracket came out hours before. That was the mothafuzzin’ COLLEGEINSIDER.COM TOURNAMENT bracket, featuring your very own Brown University Bears!

There’s actually a pretty decent chance you’ve heard about this game, because the athletic department has been bombarding the student body with emails about it as if there were a Beyoncé concert taking place on the Main Green, when in fact it’s actually a first-round game of the fourth-most important postseason college basketball tournament. Nonetheless, it happened, and Brown is in it. And because we know you’re already at Pizzitola for the free food from Spats and Paragon (!) and exciting basketball (…) and want to know how Brown stacks up, here is a breakdown of the entire 32-team CIT field. Note: CIT is what tournament insiders call the CollegeInsider.com Tournament, not a popular workspace for Computer Science concentrators.

BROWN: Popularly known as the “kill squad” in college basketball circles, some experts forecasted a 28-0 season from the Bears before a few tight games tripped them up on their way to a solid 15-13 finish. Widely acknowledged as the overwhelming CIT favorites.

HOLY CROSS: Brown’s first-round opponents, Holy Cross are nicknamed the Crusaders and finished 19-13. They played a game against UNH in November that was broadcast on the Live Well Network, which is kind of funny.

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A guide to your first hockey game


I’m actually not all that new to the hockey universe. Not only can I boast an impressive Chuck E Cheese’s air hockey repertoire, but I can also say that I have seen the Los Angeles Kings play at the Staples Center. Sadly, my memory of that day has since faded, especially considering that I was nine years old  and  much more interested in Bratz than in sports at the time. In all honesty, I was unamused, and it was baffling for me to think that any California native would willingly choose to immerse him/herself in such a cold environment (…) Last Friday, however, I attended my first college hockey game: Brown vs. Yale. It was vicious and exhilarating, and I’m pretty sure my voice is now one octave lower and the only food I should be eating is Powerful Yogurt. It was pretty spectacular, but here are a few things you should be aware of before attending your first hockey game:

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Happy Valentine’s Day: How to date your TA


The only remark I’ve heard among my friends more than “I have like noo points left” is “I am in love with my TA.”

First, the reasoning behind this how-to post not only comes from my friends’ whining, excessive Facebook stalking, and primping before section, but also a(n) pathetic inspirational post from a certain New Haven school’s blog. The writer of the column confessed that he professed his love for his TA with the timeless “Hi, I love you, sushi tastes good with me” pick-up line.

Side note: You want to know the real difference between us and Yalies? We have social skills and they don’t. (If you don’t get that reference, please cancel your next Wednesday night debauchery-filled plans and watch the late current train wreck Lindsay Lohan’s masterpiece.)

While we don’t suggest you use the aforementioned Yalie’s pick-up line, here are a few tips on how to woo your TA into bed this Valentine’s Day: Continue Reading

Upset Alert! Bears Shock #1 Yale, 3-2, on Last Minute Goal!

While you were enjoying your last week or so on break at home, the men’s ice hockey team was busy taking down the #1 college hockey team in the nation in dramatic fashion! Just a day after falling to the Bulldogs 5-2 in New Haven, Bruno enacted its revenge back in Providence on Sunday. Continue Reading

While we’re making robots…

Harvard CS students seem to be spending their time on something a little bit different.  Type www.safetyschool.org into your web browser, press enter, and see what page it redirects to.  Welcome to the Crimson life, y’all.

To check out a similar feud on the west coast, enter www.stanfordrejects.com or www.crappyschool.org into your browser’s address bar.  Here’s a hint: both redirect to the main page for a certain state school in Cali that starts with a B and ends with an –erkeley.