Congratulations, Class of 2019!


At 5 p.m. today, Brown sent acceptance letters to 1,970 potential Brunonians, making a total of 2,580 offers of admission alongside this fall’s early-accepted students. These lucky individuals were selected from the third largest pool of applicants in university history; Brown received 30,397 applications, and had the lowest recorded acceptance rate of  8.5 percent.

Our admitted students hail from all 50 states and 85 different countries, with 45 percent of applicants identifying as African American, Latino, Native American, or Asian American. The top ten intended concentrations for our potential future classmates are Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, Biochemistry, International Relations, Economics, Political Science, English, and History; only the latter two are new additions from the Class of 2018.  You can find more gossip stats on the very impressive acceptees here.

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State of the City: Yay or nay

Yay for local advocates who have started to hold a lunchtime soup kitchen at the State House, serving PB&J sandwiches and fruit to call attention to homelessness in Rhode Island. But be careful — we hear Taveras has a peanut allergy…

$172 million? That’s Rhode Island’s cut of a national settlement for wrongfully foreclosed homes. I think that gets a WOOHOOO.

Nay to MBTA’s proposed increases on student fare and cuts in service. A girl’s gotta get to Boston.