Another food truck (except that it’s a double-decker bus)

They just don’t stop. The food trucks, that is.

Restaurants will soon go the way of  the gold standard and the Jonas Brothers. In the future, we’ll all hurriedly  shove food in our mouths while we squat curbside, hunched over styrofoam takeout containers, seats and tables a distant dream.

Courtesy of Meghan Short

The latest food truck to hit College Hill, the Omnibus, is currently parked on Charlesfield, between Brown and Thayer. According to the ‘bus’s website, the double-decker vehicle was originally from London!

The bus will be parked in the same location Thursdays from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m., according to staff. We’ve only tried the fries so far (pretty mediocre), but we’re hopeful — now that it’s a “double decker food bus,” the vehicle’s upper deck has been converted to outdoor seating.  If only the Providence weather would support our dreams of al fresco dining…