Life at the bottom of the housing lottery list: An interview with Neha Verma ’16 (also known as number 790)


A while back, Wesleying—BlogDH’s incredibly snarky equivalent at Wesleyan—interviewed the  person with the worst number in the school’s GRS (the equivalent to our housing lottery). We loved what we read and thought the concept was brilliant, so we threw polite caution to the wind and reached out to the person with the worst number in our dreaded housing lottery, #791, for an interview. Unfortunately, she’s going abroad next semester, so she’s no longer in the lottery. We moved one sad number up the list and managed to snag an interview with the person with the next worst number: Neha Verma ’16. Her number? #790. Did your heart just sink? Because all of ours did. Luckily, Verma has a good attitude despite living every Brown student’s nightmare.

Where do you live at the moment?
West (Hotel) Andrews 305. I have a walk-in closet I have converted into a coffee shop and a window that looks out over the courtyard.

Where were you when the lottery results were posted?
At home in Texas, talking to friend who also goes to Brown on the phone. I saw a someone on Facebook asked me how the housing lottery was going and I thought maybe I got a good number? But I kept on scrolling and I couldn’t find my name. Finally, my friend on the phone said “type your name into search box,” and it took me straight to the bottom. Continue Reading

Frosh-cessities: Where am I supposed to live next year?

Housing Meme

So, you got stuck with a shitty housing lottery number? When you inform your friends of your fate, they probably start using scary words like “Summer Assignment” and “Perkins.” Some people have even told you that they’re thinking of sharing a lounge with random people. While that’s all good and terrifying, we’re here to offer some more creative possibilities for housing accommodations next year if your worst case scenario ends up becoming your reality.

The microscopic gap between City Sports and Kinkos right off Thayer:

Hey, Providence fire department says it’s small, but we think it’s cozy! And you can’t beat the location – you’re basically on Thayer. Does Bajas accept FlexPoints?

Leung Family Gallery: The sub-free, quiet dorm option for summer assignment!

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