Thursday on Wriston: Harlem Shake meets Brown

The semester has been underway for a couple weeks now, shopping period has come and gone, and you’re probably deciding on which classes to take S/NC. Pretty soon midterms will start (if they haven’t already) and it’ll seem like there’s little time left to relax. In the midst of this, sometimes the stress can feel overwhelming. As a result, sometimes ya just gotta shake it out. Introducing the Harlem Shake: Brown Edition, our very own chance to be famous on YouTube relieve stress and make an epic video.

You might ask, “What is the Harlem Shake?” For those who are less familiar, I think it’s best to show and not tell:

1) Harlem Shake (Army Style). What else does the Norwegian Army have to do?

2) Harlem Shake (Portuguese TV Show). Getting weird.

3) Harlem Shake (Firefighters). I’m changing my future profession.

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Techaccino Tuesdays: Streaming Spring Weekend

Follow @techaccino for semi-instant updates, and, for all of you still mentally on Spring Break, a list of necessary apps to spend even more time procrastinating.

In case you haven’t already gone through all your news sites and blogs since you got back, don’t worry: you really didn’t miss anything. One thing you may remember from before break is that SPRING WEEK(END) is upon us is only 2 weeks away, and the lineup is about as good as it could have been. So before you set your alarm for 7:55 a.m. tomorrow morning and start posting angry comments all over Facebook about how the system is down, consider listening to the lineups. To aid you, here’s a comprehensive review of all the online options you have to stream the (now 7) artists for free — pick one and stick to it! Continue Reading

Study Break of the Day: May 12, 2011

This may be a classic YouTube video from 2007 that’s accumulated over 60 million views, but sometimes you just need to return to nature. If you haven’t seen it, “Battle at Kruger” is the completely true, spontaneous footage of a fight between some buffalo, a pride of lions and a crocodile at a wildlife reserve in South Africa (this is a gross understatement of the footage’s brilliance). Running over 8 minutes, this video is the perfect study break- exhilerating, but not too long. Moreover, it’s a metaphor for group study: showing that with friends, one can triumph over the predator that is ECON1110.

Finals Procrastination: YouTube and Facebook launch new ventures

The computer: helping college students procrastinate since 1990.

Attention Brown Students: It’s about to be finals period, and chances are, you’re looking for a new way to put off writing those 10-15 page final papers and contributing to group Google Doc exam study guides. As if they knew it was crunch time on college campuses, according to recent articles from the New York Times’ Bits blog and The Wrap, YouTube and Facebook —probably some of the most frequented procrastination sites–are both about to expand their services by launching new ventures that may look somewhat familiar.

According to the The Wrap, YouTube has plans to offer instant movie streaming services, much like Netflix Instant or Apple movies. Depending on how it goes, our Netflix Files may be turning into YouTube Files.   Continue Reading

Web Civilization: Epic Meal Time

Nobody can deny it, we are part of a Web Civilization.  Newstelevisionteenage Snooki and, most importantly, Blog Daily Herald are available 24/7 in dorms, libraries, eateries and Blue State. This new series is devoted to bringing Brunonia the good, the bad and the ugly of internet trends–the real modern culture and media (no Saussure here!). First on the agenda is a new breed of web cooking series:

For those of you who have never heard of Epic Meal Time, it is an online cooking show that makes Paula Dean’s butter-saturated program Paula’s Best Dishes look like Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. Continue Reading

They’ve done it again…

Out of Bounds, Brown’s sketch comedy group that brought you classics like SciLi State of Mind, presents yet another soon-to-be Brown YoutTube sensation – A Social Network Trailer. Watch. Laugh. And don’t miss out on seeing Out of Bounds perform live in their upcoming show later this fall.