A Thousand Words: Edible cars

Last week, Brown’s Society of Women Engineers and the Division of Engineering pitted 20 teams against each other to assemble a functional, stylish and entirely edible car in just one hour. Click here to read the full article.

steckel-edibles2-nick sinnott-armstrong

Photos by Herald photographers Max Monn, Quinn Savit and Nick Sinnott-Armstrong after the jump.

steckel-edibles3-nick sinnott-armstrong


steckel-edibles5-nick sinnott-armstrong

steckel0edibles6-nick sinnott-armstrong

steckel-edibles7-max monn

steckel-edibles8-max monn

steckel-edibles11-quinn savitt

stechel-edibles12-quinn savitt

stechel-edibles13-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles14-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles15-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles17-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles18-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles19-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles20-quinn savitt

steckel-edibles21-quinn savitt

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