Dartmouth parties just got a lot lamer, underage students just got a lot more paranoid

Now there’s one more reason not to visit your friends in Hanover.

That guy in the corner casting shifty glances while he awkwardly nurses a Solo cup? Normally, he’d be someone’s visiting older brother or That Creepy Senior, but in the coming months at Dartmouth, he may be an undercover operative.  And he could bust you for underage drinking.

Last Thursday, Hanover’s police chief announced that the force will begin “sting operations” to curtail underage drinking, The Dartmouth reported.

And what exactly are such “sting operations?” According to The Dartmouth, there are plans to send “non-police operatives posing as underage individuals into Greek organizations’ physical plants to try to procure alcohol.”

After the jump, the student response and some scary musings on just who these operatives might be…

One particularly troubling statement from the article: “(Hanover Police Chief Nicholas) Giaccone declined to specify if the operatives would be Dartmouth students or individuals outside the Dartmouth community.”

As you’d expect, students have been mildly upset.  Greek leaders circulated a letter condemning the proposed use of operatives, The Dartmouth reported.

As of Wednesday morning, there were over 2,100 members of the Facebook group “Students Against Hanover Police Alcohol Policy.” Though even student anger expressed on a social-networking site is not above parody.

For now, prospective party-goers who want to get past the front door at Greek organizations will need a Dartmouth ID or alternative form of ID verifying they are at least 21 years of age, The Dartmouth reported.

The undercover operations are currently only a threat, but if the police actually go through with the proposed measure, everyone and their grandmother is going to be thinking the same thing: if you can’t drink, what else is there to do in Hanover?

— Talia Kagan

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