WTF is happening on the Main Green? Blood edition

At about 2:00 this afternoon a group of students wearing anything from red and pink pool tubes to red boots to just red cloth draped over them congregated in Faunce Arch and slowly made their way to the Main Green, dancing, swaying their arms, and screaming every so often. A massive tour group as well as some other Brown students stopped to watch. Many pulled out their camera phones. This continued for about 10 minutes at which time they sort of just dispersed. I think they were supposed to represent blood flowing through the body or something…not quite sure.

— Gili Kliger

Update: This facebook message provides a partial, cryptic explanation:

“1:45 faunce, a celebration of the sanguine, a bloody battle of passion, a passing time you will never forget.

yours in blood,
brown university movement experiments”

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