Talk of the Brown: Corporation weekend edition

It’s Corporation weekend! What’s the Corporation, you say? Don’t worry Brunonia. Take a quick survey of the Ratty and you’ll find out that nobody else knows either. After the jump, four students step up to tell the The Herald what they think when they hear “the Corporation.”

We had some great answers, but our favorite is still the guy who declared, “I just want the Corporation to put a Chipotle on Thayer Street.” Have you no allegiance to Bagel Gourmet Ole?

“It was probably like a bad PR choice to call the Corporation “The Corporation.” It just makes it kind of sound evil … Why don’t they call it the Board of Advisers? I think that’s a better name.”

—Eric Gastfriend ’10

“I think of a body of people who are in place to serve a purpose which is kind of mysterious. Even though we don’t know the workings of what they do, I think they are quick to receive negative attention as the quote-unquote “man.”

—Jason Beckman ’11

“So I’m not sensitive to the Corporation the way some of my peers are – the name “the Corporation.” Just because of the nature of it, I understand the way, um, corporate America works a little bit. A little bit. So I know that unfortunately it’s run by a small governing body of executives who make big decisions. So, what we should do is look a little deeper into how having that corporation – given that Brown’s a non-profit, but given that it’s an Ivy League – how we can open that up and sort of, um, dismantle what’s been in place for many years. Because just because we’ve had it for years doesn’t mean it’s necessary, especially if it’s … antithetical to what Brown is about.”

—Alicia Maule ’11

“I guess very secretive – and kind of elite. I guess that’s really it. I don’t know much about the Corporation.”

—Chelsea Welch ’12

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