Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

Former congressional candidate Angel Taveras announced that he’s running for Providence mayor yesterday. From a parking lot. Of a supermarket. That’s been abandoned. (Actually, he worked at the supermarket as a teenager living with his single mother in a low-income home, so the announcement’s location reflected the problems Providence residents face in this rough economy.)

Getting their names out there to every last citizen, some Rhode Island state congress members have sent their portraits to local libraries for display. We love that they see how important libraries are and appreciate the effort, nothing beats being implored to read by the greatest celebrity minds of our age, like Colin Farrell or the cast of Twilight. (Incidentally, the American Library Association has a page where you can make your own READ poster. Perfect for creeping out younger siblings!)

Rhode Island is going to fight hard to land Newport as the venue for 2013’s America’s Cup, a sailing competition (and the trophy named after it). The fact that Newport of all places isn’t already the permanent venue for the race until the end of time is… reasonable, but still a little bizarre. (Less flippantly, hosting the 2013 race could help out Rhode Island’s floundering economy. Even if it does mean more tourists.)

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