It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the official Spring weekend lineup, straight from BCA. And it’s good. In order of performance:

On FRIDAY, we’ve got widely hyped reggae/dancehall-inflected Diplo side project Major Lazer.

Grammy-nominated MGMT will headline. Coming to us after a stop at Coachella, we’ll be among the first to hear live versions of the Wesleyan University progeny’s new CD. And we’ll probably be the millionth to hum out loud with “Kids.”

As for SATURDAY, first up it’s DC native, Seinfeld enthusiast and critically and commercially acclaimed rapper Wale.

Up next, The Black Keys aren’t releasing their new album until May, but they’ll be serving up their Southern-fried garage rock — and hopefully previewing tracks off their sixth studio album.

Saturday’s headliner is the last rapper in a surprisingly (and awesomely!) hip-hop oriented lineup, the inventor of the greatest suffix in the entire world, 2002’s Stoner of the Year, progenitor of Blog Daily Herald’s drink of choice, and one of the most prolific living West Coast MCs there is— that’s right boys and girls, it’s none other than Snoop Dogg.

Read the full article about the epic 50th anniversary edition of Spring Weekend here.

Get. Ready.


  1. we did not just get snoop?! that’d be pretty crazy, though i think i’d still be more hyped for the kid WALE. wale and mgmt are the only ones i had heard rumors about so far.. where was this officially stated? not doubting your journalism, just wondering

  2. oh sorry, our bad — this is straight from BCA. We’ve now clarified that in the post. Thanks!

  3. *When* is Spring Weekend? Come on blog daily herald, inform me!

  4. ladygeek

    When are tickets on sale??

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