Post- Editors’ Top 10: Top ten things to do outside

This week’s Post- Top Ten, springtime edition:

1. Make fun of people on the slack line (one foot off the ground, five feet across; all danger).

2. Be naked on the Quiet Green—look it up, you can do it (we’re pretty sure).

3. Roll the grass. Or, roll in it. Or, um, whatever. Does everybody hate me? Do you guys want cookie dough?

4. Think of ways to deflate a bagpipe

5. Pretend to be comfortable in shorts, pasty-thighed member of DTau

6. Sit in a circle and talk about how sunshine almost makes you forget the unbearable lightness of being

7. Berge watchin’. She’s got her spring plumage.

8. Watch Marshall tell his friends it’s okay to drink Mike’s Hard Lemonade

9. Hey Harvard, watch where you step on your green.

10. It.

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