Cup o’ (Pro)Jo

A commission in the Rhode Island Senate has recommended that the state decriminalize marijuana possession when the possessor is carrying only an ounce or less. Getting caught with weed would still likely net you a fine, but you wouldn’t have to spend any time in the slammer. This could save the state money in the long run by cutting down on incarcerations.

The University of Rhode Island is teaming up with Rhode Island College to propose building a new nursing school in downtown Providence, which the two schools would share. Ideally, the school’s location would be in or near the Jewelry District, where many bio-tech companies are emerging (and where the Alpert Medical School will be relocated).

Rhode Island ranks 11th in the country in Internet use! Approximately three out of four people in the state have Internet access in their homes, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And a Congressional plan could improve on that even more by extending broadband access to rural parts of the country, Rhode Island included.

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