Take your chances with Chatroulette, campus edition

Isn’t it fun when you and some friends Chatroulette-ing in your dorm room find yourselves face to face with an eerily similar group of students in a dorm room that is eerily identical down to the Pulp Fiction poster on the wall?

That can happen, but the odds are, you’ve seen some other things on Chatroulette. Some other things.

Well, looks like Chatroulette is officially old news — new site CampusLIVE at Brown has entered the picture (and all of our e-mail inboxes?!)

Now there’s a handy way to chat with (less random) strangers, shop for spring courses AND renew your library books all in one place. Forget spotting your classmates around campus… if Mr. Shirtless and Screaming is any sample, all the creeping will take place on CampusLIVE instead.

And if you don’t like your campus LIVE and in ALL CAPS, there is the newly launched site Random Dorm. You’ll need a .edu email address, or a Facebook account belonging to a college network. According to the site, there are over 431 users. Which… is not that many. Also, you probably know half of them.

— Talia Kagan and Sophia Li

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