Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: March 26, 2010

Rep. Peter Palumbo is supporting the introduction of a bill to the Rhode Island House that would require drug testing for people on welfare and their immediate adult family members. Recipients who test positive for illegal substances would lose the ability to receive welfare cash. Palumbo says the bill would save the state money, but some social welfare advocates say the measure is unconstitutional.

The Cranston School District, which last month cut funding for music and athletics and eliminated many high school sports teams, will be able to restore most of those sports programs thanks to a donation from the New England Laborers’/Cranston Public Schools Construction Career Academy, a public charter school. The sports coming back include tennis and the girls cooperative hockey team (a team consisting of players from both Cranston high schools) and exclude freshman baseball, basketball and football. Another residents’ group is hoping to find money to help save the music program as well.

Those NCAA visitors last week at both the Dunkin’ Donuts and Rhode Island Convention Centers brought the state more than 500 grand. Yet another reason to love arena food — the Dunkin’ Donuts Center sold over 4,000 hot dogs, just one of the ways the venue made money!

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