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Friday Fashion is a new weekly feature for Blog Daily Herald written by Brown’s most fashionable blog, College Hill Rags. College Hill Rags features a sartorialist perspective on the outfits of stylish College Hill denizens, along with other fashion-related articles. Friday Fashion will be posted exclusively on Blog Daily Herald and will showcase trends on campus!

This week’s post: Jackets, especially military jackets

The weather this time of year is just enough to keep you from throwing off your sweater and running out in flip flops – you still need a substantial jacket to keep you warm as you walk past the windy corner under the shadow of the SciLi. Military jackets in olive drab and weathered khaki match everything and provide a trendy bit of edge with their tough silhouette. They flatter every skin tone and look great on guys and girls alike. Here are a few picks that you can get on Thayer or at Providence Place (click for larger image):

1. Cropped utility anorak by Gap; 2. Genuine surplus military jacket, available on or at the Army/Navy surplus store!; 3. Cargo linen jacket by Forever21; 4. Men’s twill military jacket by Old Navy; 5. Military 4-pocket parka by Uniqlo; 6. Cropped surplus jacket, available at Urban Outfitters

Keep reading to see what your friends wore last week:

Readers of College Hill Rags may have noticed that the outfits of many of the students featured this week were centered on jackets, from leather bombers to blazers. Invest in one good jacket that can match many outfits and you’ll be set for spring! Here are a few examples from the blog:

See these jackets and more fashionable friends at! College Hill Rags, as a recently started blog, welcomes suggestions and contributions, as well as feedback on the website in the form of stars and comments.

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