Caramel cookie competition

Anyone perusing the selection at the Blue Room, Meeting Street Cafe, or Blue State this school year may have noticed the caramel waffle cookies with the Van Wafels label. As the Herald reported last semester, two Brown students came together to create the cookies and build the company. While the young entrepreneurs told the Herald last semester that their cookies — stroopwafels — are popular in Amsterdam but rare in the states, the trend has now been picked up by a world-wide coffee shop Goliath. The stroopwafel has traveled as far west in Europe as Sevilla, Spain, where every Starbucks offers a product almost identical to the Van Wafels creation:

If Starbucks on Thayer catches wind of the craze, Van Wafels might be in for some heavy competition.

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  1. I’m living in switzerland (class of 2014! Doing my requisite Brown-stalking for the day) and I eat these all the time. I’m sort of in love with them. Glad I’ll be fully stocked in Providence, either way.

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