Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 8, 2010

Yesterday’s 92 degree high broke the record for high temperatures on April 7, coming in at 6 degrees above the previous record.  More warm weather is expected today with a high of 80 degrees, but the combination of heat and high winds has caused the National Weather Service to declare a fire warning for northwest Rhode Island.  Also, apparently the ProJo came to campus yesterday and videoed us coeds frolicking around on the green. The good weather won’t last forever, though, as a storm is expected tonight.

Ten or more Rhode Island school districts may not be able to award diplomas for the Class of 2010 due to a failure to comply with state standards to make high schools more challenging.  The guidelines were approved in 2oo3 and include requiring students to complete projects before graduation.

An update on the Massachusetts dentist who used paper clips for root canal surgeries–the Fall River practitioner goes before a judge today to face charges of “assault and battery, larceny, submitting false claims to Medicaid and illegally prescribing drugs.”

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