Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 14, 2010

Rhode Island’s own world-champion boxer Vinny Paz was involved in a car accident on Route 95 Wednesday morning, though no one was injured. Paz was a passenger in a car struck by an alleged drunk driver.

A University of Rhode Island proposal to make changes to their student handbook is causing some controversy. The changes would put greater responsibility to report illegal drinking and drug use on the students, who in turn feel the handbook should focus more on their rights than on their duties to stay out of trouble.

The Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously recommended Gilbert V. Indeglia for nomination to the state’s Supreme Court as an associate justice on Tuesday. The Senate is expected to consider their final approval of Indeglia on Thursday; the House unanimously confirmed him Monday.

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned the accident. He’s lucky to have escaped with his life based on the photos WJAR ran. I think it’s time both MA and RI throw the book at repeat offenders, enough is enough.

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