Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 15, 2010

The Rhode Island Senate killed a proposal–already approved by the state House of Representatives–to plug RI’s $220 million deficit. In a unanimous vote, the Senate removed a measure that would have refinanced the state’s pension system. Instead, the Senate voted for appropriating $42 million from the state’s $110 million rainy-day fund and agreed with the House to support $52 million worth of cuts to schools, pension benefits, and compensation for teachers and judges.

State legislators,who receive free health care benefits valued at up to $18,061, didn’t vote on a measure that would have required them to pay 15% of their state-provided plans. Lawmakers attributed their reluctance to vote on the proposal to fear of violating a state ethics code.

University of Rhode Island researchers think they have bred a new kind of super trout that would provide more meat for fish fillets. Don’t expect super trout on the Ratty menu anytime soon though, since they first have to be approved by the FDA.

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