Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 27, 2010

The Projo calls it “a vision for a new Providence.” Brown’s new medical school campus broke ground yesterday in Providence’s Jewelry District at an event attended by 300, including President Simmons, Governor Carcieri and Mayor Cicilline.  Check out the Herald’s coverage in today’s paper.

Central Falls High School, which garnered national attention when all of its teachers were fired in February, is now rehiring. The 93 teachers and staff who were let go earlier this year can reapply for their jobs, a message stated in a letter sent by School Supt. Frances Gallo. According to the “turnaround model” approved by state education officials, however, at most 50% of fired teachers can be rehired.

Mayor Cicilline’s recycling initiative–known as “Green Up Providence”–has doubled the city’s recycling rate and saved $50,000 each month on trash fees. Started in September, the program requires Providence residents to put out at least one recycling bin in order to have their trash collected. Unfortunately, the mandate also led to trash pile-ups in some neighborhoods where people were reluctant to recycle (even leading some residents to express concerns about rats!)

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