Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 7, 2010

Three North Providence councilors were busted by the FBI on Thursday under charges of extortion. The arrested include Council President Joseph Burchfield and two other council members, John Zambarano and Raymond Douglas III. A fourth council member turned them in by filming a conversation between the councilmen and a real estate developer named Richard Baccari; the footage shows Zambarano promising $25,000 in exchange for votes on building a Stop & Shop across the street from North Providence High School.

Good news! Apparently budget officials at the State House think that Rhode Island’s rising unemployment, foreclosure rates and shrinking consumer confidence will taper off soon. This is all in spire of the floods last month.

A Rhode Island woman is a bit unnerved after finding out that Faisal Shahzad, the man who confessed to the attempt to place a car bomb in Times Square on Saturday, used to live right around the corner from her. Deborah Bashar has had brushes with suspected terrorists in the past — while house hunting, the tenant in the home she was looking at turned out to be Mohammed Y. Mullawala, who was under investigation for terrorist activity himself and arrested in 2006.

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