There’s an app for that.

Ever have one of those moments, in the libes and ostensibly doing work, when you realize you’ve somehow gotten to, like, the 142nd photo in your roommate’s sister’s boyfriend’s Spring Break album on facebook? Does the mere existence of the internet and all its various distractions, seriously call into question your ability to get anything done, ever?

Behold, SelfControl: a free, easily downloadable application (for OS X) that will actually block certain sites from your browser for a predetermined period. You choose the sites and the time limit, and the miracle of technology does the rest. And just in time for finals! Best of all, there’s absolutely no cheating allowed — even uninstalling the application won’t let you back on YouTube until the timer runs out. So basically what this means is the internet may actually save you from the internet. Sweet.

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  1. David

    This. Is. AWESOME.

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