Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 10, 2010

After North Providence Town Council President Joseph Burchfield resigned Friday after being arrested by the feds on charges of extortion, another party who was arrested for the alleged scheme, Councilman John Zambarano, has also resigned. Mayor Charles Lombardi has expressed hope that the third party arrested, Raymond Douglas III, will soon resign as well.

The federal government still needs to approve Providence Mayor David Cicilline’s ’83 employment program that he envisions as creating 500 new jobs in the city. Local officials are pushing the federal government to speed things up.

Two weeks before Teresa Mahony turns 80, she will check off one more item from her to-do list — becoming a college grad. Mahony, a registered nurse, mother of 12 and a grandmother of 34, will graduate from the University of Rhode Island on May 23. It took her ten years to complete her degree in history, but she’s doing it — and graduating with honors.

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