Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 14, 2010

The last shoe has dropped (though I don’t know why you’d have three shoes): the third North Providence councilman arrested by the FBI for alleged extortion, Raymond Douglas III, has resigned. At this point, it looks to be a developing story, but you can read Douglas III’s letter of resignation here.

Hope High School students know what they want, and it isn’t a new class schedule. Sounds like the school district is considering making the school change to a daily six-period schedule like other schools in Providence, away from Hope’s current block schedule. But the block schedule, the protesting students say, has proved beneficial for them. Some Brown students helped the Hope ones organize the walkout, which even got its own police escort. You can watch a video of the action here.

The Central Falls police chief has launched an internal investigation into a possible case of racial profiling. Mario Ortega, a Central Falls resident, has accused a desk-duty officer of refusing to let him report a beating because Ortega was assumed to be an “illegal immigrant,” Ortega said through an interpreter.

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