Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 16, 2010

Gov. Carcieri ’65 signed legislation outlawing greyhound racing in the state. Once operated by Twin River Casino, dog-racing was no longer profitable for the gambling hall, which supported the law. Twin River is now facing bankruptcy and has been forced to restructure.

After the May 13 walk-out that involved over 200 Hope High School students protesting a proposed schedule change, Mayor Cicilline  ’83 has agreed to moderate a meeting between teachers and students from the high school and administrators in the School Department. The offer comes after Brown students presented their case to the mayor at a “my time with the mayor” event, where voters can talk to the mayor informally. School Supt. Tom Brady has already offered to meet with the Hope students, but they rejected his offer after he requested names of students who would participate.

Parents of Central Falls High School students have a lot more to contend with than the politics of education reform that have dominated news coverage of their children’s school. This Projo video investigates the challenges and complexities, particularly for recent immigrants, of parenting a high school student at Central Falls.

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