Productivity booster of the day: July 25, 2010

As a counterpart to our semester series Time-waster of the Day, we’re offering summer Productivity Boosters. Take a few minutes out from watching Jersey Shore or wasting time on the internet at your boring desk job to do something mildly productive. It’ll give your parents one less thing to complain about!

Today’s tip: Create a profile on LinkedIn. Grown-up’s staid version of Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to recreate your resumé online and make connections (a.k.a. friend) other people with profiles.

This suggestion may seem overly simple, but it’ll take you a while to find a picture that’s just right.

And why you should do it now? Better to start adding connections now, while you know undergrads, than to be that graduate living in his parents’ basement who adds people the minute he hears they got great jobs.

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