Cilantro-haters unite!

Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune

Today’s V-Dub dinner will feature a dish called “Cilantro Chicken.”  Since he had his first bite of pico de gallo, this blogger always wondered if anyone else realized that this viridian herb tasted strangely antiseptic.  For all the cilantro-haters out there, first, don’t go to the V-Dub for dinner.  Second, and perhaps more importantly, in between classes today, check out the community site founded by your fellow cilantro-haters at  Apparently some sort of genetic mix-up makes a good portion of the population bitterly dislike the taste of cilantro.  Some of the flavors attributed to cilantro by site members include “dirty soap,” “dishwashing detergent,” and “musty basement.” There’s also an affiliated facebook group.

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  1. Pee-wee Herman

    I am a cilantro-lover and proud; Sorry you got the short end of the chromosome.

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