What to do tonight: 9/10

One of these days, we’re going to make it to a full week of classes. Until then, I’m going to keep complaining about how exhausting these three-and-four-day weeks are. Just cause we didn’t have class on Monday, doesn’t mean it isn’t time for a weekend on Friday, amiright?

The Fall Arias Concert
Grant Recital Hall
8:00 pm
The classiest event of the fall is back and better than ever! Featuring the talented singers and pianists of Brown Opera Productions, the Arias concert is your best (and cheapest — the Aria concerts are free!) bet for a perfect, culturally-enriching start to an evening.

Triple Threat A Cappella Concert
Salomon 101
8:00 pm
If you spent your summer watching Glee re-runs and memorizing snarky Sue Sylvester quotes, then this concert should help ease your withdrawal pains. We know, it’s hard. But the Higher Keys, Jabberwocks, and Ursa Minors all taking the stage together make it just a little easier to hold on to that feeling.

What Can You Do?
Zeta Delta Xi
8:00 pm
Between the Arias, the a cappella, and Zeta Delta Xi’s Open Mic night, it doesn’t seem possible to escape hearing people sing tonight around eight. If this is your kind of night, grab a drink and enjoy it. If it’s not, grab several and heckle!

Blow Your Mind
Phi Kappa Psi
10:00 pm
$4 door, $1 drinks
After you get kicked out of open mic night for that awful rendition of “Livin’ on a Prayer,” hide from your shame at “Blow Your Mind.”

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