Post- Editors’ Top 10: Brown vs. Harvard

In light of this weekend’s homecoming Brown vs. Harvard football game–the first night game at Brown’s stadium–our friends at the Post- Magazine have come up with a Top Ten featuring “Things Brown is Better at than Harvard.”

“1. Egyptology. Seriously.
2. There are only two Berks in the world. One on Thayer. One on Harvard Square. Ours is better; stomp up Thay.
3. Pembroke > Radcliffe. Even in the light.
4. Rollin’ green.
5. Football.
6. Being well-adjusted.
7. “There are actually several members of the Brown community who wear capes.” –Rachel Lamb
8. Bromance.
9. Nudity.
10. The Babe Ruth vs. The Endless Summers. Come on. Who’d win in a fight?”

Ra Ra Brunonia!

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