Neuro 1 midterm triggers (petrif)action potential among students

As the week commences, students enrolled in Neuro 1 (Intro to Neuroscience) have their brains focused on one thing and one thing only: the ominous cloud of a midterm that looms above Professor Stein’s big head.

Perhaps it is the 204 pages of dense text or 30 pages of diagrams covered on the exam that’s unsettling to the 416 students enrolled in the class.  Or maybe it is the fact that this midterm counts for 25% of your final grade.  In any event, Brunonians all over campus seem to be pulling their hair out.  

After three hours of grueling studying at the SciLi, freshman David Adler remarks, “I would rather dangle my naked body over a crowd of starving, herpes-stricken lepers than take this exam.”

Others hold a more sensible view on the matter.  Freshman Rachel Sarnoff explains, “If you put serious, concerted time into thinking through the neuronal parts and pathways, the exam seems much more feasible.”

The midterm itself, which is this Tuesday, covers the first seven chapters of the textbook. For all you Neuro1ers out there, make sure to check out the old Neuro 1 website for past exams and more practice.

Just remember, Ca2+ is a second messenger too.

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